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So say I bought some DDR3 ram that has 9-9-9-24 latency, would it make a huge difference if Ihad 7-7-7-24?
It would cost considerably more for the lower latency. Would you notice it say when am gaming?
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  1. For gaming,timings aren't important.they are important if you want to overclock
  2. ^+1.

    If u want OC the RAM go with a CL6, CL7 or CL8. CL9 is for a normal use without OC. Be sure that the RAM is 1.65V or less or u could have some problems.
  3. Thanks for the advice but I thought the voltages for the ram is controlled auto by the bios chip? I've always assumed so and have never ever had problems. So is it a simple bios settings then? I think I'll stick with CL9 then because OCing was never my thing since am incompetent in that area. I blown a cpus by stepping up the voltage too high in the past.
  4. Yea, the BIOS set the voltage automatically, i mean to the work voltage of the RAM.
  5. BIOS set the voltages/timings/speeds automatically but sometimes it makes some mistakes in setting them,so its better to set it manually to the manufactures setting yourself :)
  6. 7-7-7-7 is always faster then 9-9-9-9
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