Crucial m4 Ssd slower on windows 7 x64 than x86

I recently purchased a crucial m4 64gb. I first accidentally installed the x86 version of windows 7. Running windows experience index the drive got a 7.8 score, as ssd benchmark got a score of 460 I think. Now that I've done a fresh install with x64 after cleaning and formatting the drive fresh ( only thing I didn't do was align the drve, windows 7 does this correct?) I'm getting windows experience index of 7.6 and as ssd score of 430-440. Both times I did all the standard ssd tweaks. I think everything has been the same both times as far as drivers etc.
Anyone else have similar results?
Drive performs well, just curious why it's registering as slower.
The only thing I can think of is that for some reason I'm getting a little grief getting my motherboard drivers all updated, I download them, run install and no matter what drive I try to install amd catalyst install manager pops up. I believe it manages all the installs so I think hey are all getting installed. I was unsure so I did it a couple times and then catalyst control center, amd overdrive etc stop functioning properly, I uninstalled and reinstalled, everything is up to date and running correctly, I THINK......
Thanks in advance.
Ps. Running a gigabyte mb (ma790xt-ud4p, sata 2) Amd x4 965bk processor, 8gb g.skill memory and raedon 4890 video card.
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  1. First of, x86 is a word to describe a processor. So reloading windows didn't have any effect on the score.
  2. I believe it's also the windows designation for the 32 bit version of windows 7.
  3. Bump, anyone have any info?
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