DVD-ROM drive works one day, not the next.

I purchased a brand new Asus DVD-ROM off Newegg a couple months ago, it worked fine for about a week, then, when I installed a new Hard Drive for storage, it stopped working. I uninstalled the hard drive and tried the configuration of when it was working originally, still nothing. Is there something I might have missed?

Let me clarify what I mean by not working:

It is recognized in the BIOS, and I can eject and such from "My Computer", but when I insert a disc, it shows a disc near my mouse, then nothing, no recognition.
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  1. Hey

    Start with re-seating the cables for the DVD drive. Looks like something could be loose.

    Is it SATA? Model info?
  2. Have you tried the following Microsoft web page?
  3. I have tried the Microsoft web page, I also tried reseating everything, same result.It is SATA. The Model is
  4. Bump?
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    It is unusual for a DVD drive to fail in such a short time they normally last a few years at least. I would try it in another computer to eliminate software problems. You could also try a CD lens cleaner disc. I did once have a new DVD drive come back to me as faulty after only a few weeks and the cause was that the person had inserted a blank CD into it with the little white ring that you find on the top of a stack of new discs still on it, which then fell into the drive.
  6. Thanks, Ill try these, and if it doesn't work, I will try to organize a return.
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