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I need help choosing a 22" monitor, it will primarily be used for gaming, general web surfing and watching/editing HD content. The types of games i want to play are Medieval Total War, Empire Total War, Mass Effect, Doom 3. Also if possible, Crysis, Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3.

I've already purchased a PC with Intel Q9550 processor and ATI 4890 graphics card, which should be arriving this week.

Looked at a number of sites, and have narrowed down the monitors to 5. I'm not sure about the Viewsonic one, as i've read about it's average build quality. The Benq monitors don't come with a dvi cable. My budget at most is £130 ($220)

Philips 220SW9FB
BenQ E2200HD
Benq G2220HD
LG W2243S
ViewSonic VX2260wm

Are there any other 22" HD monitors that members can recommend for under £130?

Thank You
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  1. A bit over your price range, but you can't go wrong with this, really:


    There's still a lot of good monitors out there that are a LOT cheaper than $220 and with deals coming this holiday season, it'll be easy to find them. Just wait a bit and jump on the deals.
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