The Best 500€ Gaming & Design Programs PC.

Hello all
I whould like to built my new pc, and that i can use it about 2-3years. so i need something very good in this budget.
This is the site: that you can see the parts/price etc bcoz it have the same prices in my country too (Greece) or you can give me the Part names and i'll search in local site that may have it.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: the closer the better BUDGET RANGE: 400-500€

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Basic in > gaming & for design with programs such as PhotoshopCS4/ Illustrator/ a lil bit Premier and other web and general design programs..
And i need stable pc for use 3-4days without close it at all.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS, extra audio card, Hard Drivers,Floppy, CD/DVD players-writers,


PARTS PREFERENCES: basically i prefer Intel CPU and monitor around in 18-21inch .


MONITOR RESOLUTION: ill go in inch bcoz with the inch change and resol too so i need around in 18-21 inch.(in good price bcoz is the last care from the parts.)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: a lil quiet its ok, and pretty srong bcoz i want it for use more that 3-5 days without closing it.

So the Basic PARTS ARE: Motherboard , CPU, Graphic Card, RAM, Power Supply, & Anything else that can help to tuning the pc for more good performance and we can fit it in the price :) .

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. And i need Tower Case,
    Also with the AMD Cpu's i dont have prob bcoz i see some better and with lowers prices. but i heard that the Intel;s its more stable, and also my last 1-2 cpu's was Intel.. but i dont know witch its best for my work now.

    Sry i cant edit..
  2. delted post
  3. Proximon - is that AM2+ mobo going to work with the AM3 CPU?
  4. Uh can i have some more proposals pls
    I wanna give more attention(and Money) in CPU/MOBO/RAM/GRAPHIC CARD.
  5. All AM3 CPUs are backwards compatible with DDR2/AM2+ at this time. That might change in the future.

    What I listed went over your "400-500€ " budget range as far as I can see.

    The case and PSU are bare minimums, so I can't see cutting any there.
  6. TomasV said:
    Uh can i have some more proposals pls
    I wanna give more attention(and Money) in CPU/MOBO/RAM/GRAPHIC CARD.

    You probably did not get more proposals because Proximon's was perfect - he is an expert and crafted you what may be the best possible system given your parameters - I could think of nothing better to offer.

    Now are you saying you can increase the budget a little? How much?

    And what do you want to emphasize? The system as specified will probably give you all yo can hope for even with a higher budget relative to Photoshop and Illustrator. If you want to improve performance with Premier you need a faster CPU - the rest of the system is fine. If you want better gaming - you just need a faster graphics card - the rest of the sysem is fine. People can find as fast a graphics card as you have budget to allow - so that is the key. Any money spent here will be reflected in significant improvement. To get an idea of what you can buy - you might look at the THG Graphics Card Selections by Budget level - starting with the 4670 recommended which is on the list - and go up from there. Here is that link:,2464.html

    You can take cards of that list - seeing how much more each will cost - and go to the Performance Charts to see how many FPS each step up buys you in different games:

    Below is a link to a list I prepared with selections from the Performance Charts that allows you to look at the next three steps up from the review article linked above.

    Note that the approximate prices for the cards on the list are:
    4670 $65
    9600 GT $80
    4850 $100
    4870 $125

    Also note that most stats are given in FPS - frames per second. 30 FPS is considered playable. Anything over 50 to 60 FPS you won't notice so it makes no difference to game play, although obviously provides some room for growth as games require faster cards over time.,1533.html?prod%5B2870%5D=on&prod%5B2840%5D=on&prod%5B2819%5D=on&prod%5B2849%5D=on

    If you want to go higher than that you can build your own chart off the master:,64.html

    Note that the 4670 is almost at the bottom of the list - because this is the list for high quality cards. There is another list for slower "mainstream" cards.

    So how much more do you want to spend? On what - cpu or graphics cards? If on graphics cards, which chipset do you want?
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