Hello there tomshardware, quick question. I have a AMD Phenom II x4 940 black edition, i bought the BIOSTAR MCP6p M2+ motherboard to go with it. I have now found out that the processor i purchased is not compatible with this motherboard because it is a 125w and the motherboard thermaltake breaker or w/e it is, is maxed at 95w. So i downclocked the CPU from 3.0ghz to 2.8ghz and it booted up not giving me the exceeded 95w error. Then i upped it back to 3.0ghz and its running stable at 3.0ghz for past 24 hours. So my question is, since it is running stable and the temps are cool running 35-40c on stock cooler, will this hurt my motherboard because i am basically forcing it to run 125w when it is suppose to max at 95w?
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    this does hurt your MB, you should have done some reserch when you build a pc. however, cpus are not running at tdp all the time, 125w is the peak consumption which will only burst out under extremely heavy load. MBs are not stupid, when the power exceeds, it may auto shut down to protect your computer, but IT STILL HURTS YOUR MB, if you are able to reture it, reture it. if not, as long as it works fine, nothing need to be worried about.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.
    Like szbxa said, isn't a problem. The 125W is the max power that the processor could need for work (in OC).

    Or another option is that return the mobo that you buy, and get any that support the 125W of the processor.
  3. thanks for the info guys appreciate it, im not over clocking i will buy a new board later on, my old board burnt out and i needed a temporary fix, i could send it back in but i would be with out a machine for another week or 2 so ill just manage with this i think
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