Can I hook up three monitors with two different video cards?

I'm running a nvidia gtx 280, I'm not sure if I want to buy another or if I even can. I just picked up a large contract that I feel would be beneficial to run three monitors instead of the two I'm running now. is it possible to hook up a cheaper card for a tri-display? or would it be best to pick up the exact card I'm running now?
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  1. for the least amount of issues/incompatibility id get the same card, any other nvidia card should also work.
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    I'd go eyefinity. A 5770 will run 3 displays easily, in fact a 5750 will. You could sell that gtx280 on ebay and buy two 5750's in all probability.

    The caveat? One of your displays has to use the 'displayport' technology.
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