2 SSDs and what to do with them

Hey Toms! I bought a new z68 board and got 2 SSDs as well. I'm using one SSD for a boot drive and was thinking of using the other SSD for caching. Is this is a good idea? If so how do I set that up? Thanks guys!
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  1. LOL, using SRT to cache content in an ssd.

    You may want to set up raid 0. But you lose TRIM.
  2. Maybe I should add I have a 2TB HDD as well for storage. I was thinking the SSD Caching would help load times with the HDD
  3. give one to me :D

    You could raid them, but they are already pretty fast. I would just have two ssd, or maybe get two OS sytems, it really depends upon what you use the drives for.
  4. What are the capacities of the SSD's. You can't use a SSD over 64gb for SRT caching.
  5. I have no specific use, just had never had SSDs and 2 64gb were cheaper than 1 128gb so that's what I got. I'll most likely using them for gaming. I know very little about SSDs, my first time using them.
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