I7 3820 overclocking suggestion

hello guys. i just got my x79 system yesterday. but no idea what should I do to overclock my new cpu.
my motherboard is asus p9x79 pro. cpu i7 3820 3.6ghz ram gskill 4x4g 2133mhz. there is a option on AI suit 2 to test maximum overclock speed. it failed at 4.2ghz. but i think the cpu could overclock more.

my cpu cooler is corsair h100. i put 4 fans on it. so i think there wont be a problem on overheating.

can anyone give me a suggestion if i want to overclock to 4.6ghz, what vcore should i set. and what's i7 3820's maximum overclock speed?

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  1. I guess u will buy a seperate graphic card, so I would take the 3820. since 2700k probably has money and power spent in graphic chip..
    If not, u should take 2700k ofcourse.
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