What GPU to upgrade to?

Hello all, I'm currently in the process of decided on what to upgrade my gpu too, I'm fixed on getting a Nvida card as I have a Nvidia motherboard.

BTW, I live in Canada, I don't really have a budget. But something reasonable to last.

I'm currently looking at the:

GTX 295
GTX 285
GTX 275
GTX 260 (in sli)

Here's my system specs

QX9650 @ 3.7GHz
Evga 780i
8Gb Corsair DDR2 @ 800MHz
XFX 9800 GTX (Not the + just the regular)
1000w Corsair HX1000w modular PSU
1TB HDD and a 250G Primary HDD
Standard 22X DVD R/W drive

I will be running games @ 1920x1200 on my 24" and a secondary 19" 1440x900 Monitors. Most of the time I play RTS and some FPS games, a majority of which are new gen games and my 9800GTX is really showing its age, especially on these resolutions I'm running on.

Which of the cards will give me the most notable performance increase? ATi isn't really an option here, must note that I have a 780i a Nvidia Chipset.
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  1. Clearly, a single GTX 295 will dominate every game you're going to play and it seems to be the choice if you don't have a budget. Then again, with DX11 cards emerging from ATI, you might want to reconsider on buying an nVidia card. You can always wait for GT300 cards to come out for nVidia, but who knows when that's going to be. GTX 295 will give you the highest performance increase, but if you prefer single GPU solutions, GTX 285 is the choice.
  2. Just because you have an nVidia chipset doesnt mean you cant run an ATI card, it just means you cant run 2 ATI cards.

    A 5870 if you could find one would be a better value than the GTX295 or GTX285 and performs slightly under the GTX295. Of the nVidia cards, for your resolution the GTX275 is the best price/performance ratio, 2 of them in SLI will significantly out perform a GTX295.
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