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Hy everyone, nice forums :D !
Hope i can find some answers for my question here :)
Well i buyed a new card RADEON HD HIS 4670 1GB DDR3 ! in package said ATI CROSSFIRE ENABLED ! but when i opened package to install in my cpu, lol, the card have no connector fot crossfire :heink: ! i NOT TALKING ABOUT BRDGE CONNECTOR ! i talking about card, there are no connector for bridge crossfire :heink: !i heard around that some ati crossfire dont need bridge connectors for some cards, so if dont need bridge connectors, how to nable crossfire in those cards :heink: ??? or i should go to store and get my money back, coz package said CROSSFIRE ENABLED in this card, but no connector in card :heink: ! thanks guys for any help ! apreciate it ;)

this is my card, look at card screen, no connector in the card ! and site said crossfire enabled too
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    The 4650 and 4670 do not need a crossfire bridge as they are low enough bandwidth they just communicate via the PCI-E slots. If you only have one of them you cannot enable crossfire, if you have 2 of them you would enable it via catalyst control panel.
  2. thanks so much hunter315 for attention ! well u said that they are low bandwidth, that mean i should buy one better video car to use bridge connectors, if i want high graphics configs, so i ill not buy another 4670, ill try to find one cheap and whit high bandwidth :) thanks again !
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