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Hi, I just got this cheapo biostar board and found an old 775 pentium D 820 smithfield for practicing my overclocking skills, however I seem to have hit a brick wall without going anywhere, the board I guess will only allow me to go as low as 800mhz on the ram freq and since the cpu freq is 800 I can't actually do anything to it except PCI adjustments and voltage adjustments (which are useless without actually needing them). Anyone have any experience with these or similar boards?

I understand very little about timing but somewhere between my brain getting fuzzy and realizing that the timings wont actually affect my ram frequency I gave up on trying to learn those. Unless I'm wrong.


Biostar G41D3+ Mobo
Intel Pentium D820 2.8ghz dual core fsb=800
x2 Gskill Ripjaw 4GB 1066Mhz DDR3

Below are urls for all relevant specs.




Any know anything about these boards and whether theres a way past the 800 minimum limit?

Thx in advance for any help =)
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  1. Alright since it appears that no one can answer THAT question for me, anyone recommend what would be the best 775 for OCing, bear in mind I'm using this as a practice board, I'm fully aware that I could drop a bunch of cash on a better board with a better socket a better CPU etc, but for practice purposes only what would the best 775 be?
  2. Okay neither question was answered, well I eventually figured out by asking on overclockers.com about it, my PCIE was still set to auto and refused to overclock as soon as I set it to manual and then adjusted my FSB it worked right away... as for my second question it seems a Q9650 is about my best bet, although knowing what I do know and that is that sometimes these procs are designed on a friday before a long weekend I just wanted some professional experienced advice as to whether the 9650 was a good unit or a dud, can't find too many for sale (lots of c2d's out there) not sure if that's promising or discouraging in terms of their quality.
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