how to update computer bios
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  1. You can update it either from windows or from the BIOS itself
  2. Maybe that would have been a question more fit for Google (Bing).
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- What mobo do u have?
    2- Usually every manufacturer have his own software to update the BIOS if u don't feel very comfortable with the BIOS update.
    3- U can see here a little guide for update the BIOS, it's a little old but the process is very similar today.
    4- In this process u must be very carefully, because something can go wrong and recover the mobo could be very difficult. Some mobos (Gigabyte specially) have Dual-BIOS for this reason.
  4. what is company of the mobo?go to that site and you can find how you can update you bios.
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