I5-750 hits 99 degrees


I have an i5-750 at stock speeds, and i game a lot. Never has my cpu temp gone above 65 degrees, until today.

I am using HWmonitor to monitor my temps, and i usually leave it running in the background while gaming. Today, after playing Anno 1404, the max temp 'cpu' reached according to HWmonitor was 99 degrees! It also happens to be that i just got anno today. Could it be the game??

Another important point though, is that in HWmonitor, the temps of each individual core is displayed, and then there is a separate reading just labelled 'cpu' which usually just displays the average of the four cores. But heres the thing, none of the individual cores' max temps were above 62 degrees.

So basically, it showed that all my cores were around 62, but the CPU reading which is always just an average of the 4 cores, showed 99 degrees. So could this just be a random glitch that occured in HWmonitor? Or is the 'CPU' temp reading in actual fact not an average of the 4 cores, and something else??
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  1. Was the air coming out of your computer 99 degrees? ;)
  2. Is this in Celsius, or Fahrenheit? Also, what board do you have?
  3. And assuming Celcius, that is way too hot. The Chip would have downclocked or shut off before then. I chalk it up to a HWMonitor (or sensor) error. I see this a lot with fans in HWMonitor.
  4. the temp readings on each cpu core are more accurate than the one labeled simply cpu. The core temps are the actual readings from cpu while the other is the area around the socket. I asked the nice people at everest to answer the exact same question and that is the answer they gave me.
  5. My friend's core i5 can hit 79C on occt for 5 min with stock cooler but now he has a thermalright venomous and he never hits 40C on load, 1.2v @ 3.8ghz.Edit or maybe it's his 2 deltas in push pull? :o
  6. Same with mine, low 40's C max, but that is unoverclocked (though my cooler only has one fan that always runs at low to med RPM, so it could dissipate a lot more power).
  7. Wow those i5 750s come with a really shoddy heatsink/fan combo.

    Might I suggest a Noctua NH-D14 :p
  8. It is tiny. I guess it was the calculated bare minimum. You'd think they would realize that this makes their chips look bad (hot running) and including a decent cooler would be good.
  9. ElMoIsEviL said:
    Wow those i5 750s come with a really shoddy heatsink/fan combo.

    Might I suggest a Noctua NH-D14 :p

    You have no idea, at stock I had to turn off Turbo to keep temps semi reasonable.

    i5 750 @ 2.6 Ghz hit 79c on one core half way through the Windows Performance Index CPU test, and that is after I put Arctic Cooling MX-2 on the damn thing.

    At stock w/ turbo and a Xigmatek HDT-s1283 with a single 110 CFM Scythe Slipstream the CPU never hit 50c, 48c on one core was the highest I believe.

    It is the same cooler that came with the Pentium E1xxx/E2xxx series, yeah that bad.
  10. Yeah, I had planned from the start to get a good cooler, so I never even put on the stock one. But one look at it I could tell it would have to be seriously noisy or hot, and neither i wanted in this build.
  11. Yeah i realised after posting this thread, that if the cpu actually hit that temp. the pc would have shut down, as my shut down temp is set at 75 or 80 i think. I played the game for 4 hours straight today and the cpu didnt go above 58 degrees, so it mustv just been a random glitch in HWmonitor.

    As for the i5's coming with poor stock coolers - personally i havnt experienced any extreme temperatures to date. I play GTA4, far cry2, crysis, Dirt 2, WIC and anno 1404, for hours at a time, all maxed out, and my cpu temp never goes above 65 degrees, and thats with ambient temperatures ranging from 28 - 32 degrees.

    I was supposed to get an aftermarket cpu cooler, but so far i just dont see the need to. I just made sure that i got a case with really good airflow.

    Thanks for answers
  12. EXT64 said:
    Is this in Celsius, or Fahrenheit? Also, what board do you have?

    Celsius. i have an asus p7p55d LE mobo.
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