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Hello, yesterday my computer started acting very strangely and it clicked on random things on it's own and typed random words and letters by itself. I looked this problem up and found out that this problem is a trojan virus. So I scanned my computer using avast while being in safe mode. There seemed to be no infected areas (there was one thing that couldn't be scanned but it was only a terrain map thingie on one of my steam games so I ignored it). I went back to normal mode and the problem continued to occur so I used a USB flashdrive to save some files and documents. I tried to save my iTunes library with my iPod but the iPod frooze on the "Do not disconnect" screen. I even hooked the iPod to another computer but it's still stuck on this screen. Is my iPod and the computer that I plugged the iPod into infected by Trojan now? Anyways, I reformatted my computer and I plan on deleting the "Windows Old" folder. After reformatting the computer, I used it for about 10-15 minutes and found no problems. Should I still delete the windows old folder? Is my computer 100% clean of the Trojan virus? Should I do anything else or is my computer fine? Thanks.
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  1. Scan your system with more than one anti-V just to make sure,AND,,if you do not need the "windows old" then delete it after you extract what you need...:)
  2. Use Microsoft Security Essentials and scan your computer, to make sure your computer is clean

    your ipod maybe affected or has been power surged
  3. Okk thanks guys. I'll scanit again once i get home. If my iPod is infected willthe other computer be infected? Should I use that USB flashdrive? Thanks for the help guys! Feeling better now
  4. Get a trial version of bitdefender or kaspersky and scan it
  5. i am scanning my computer right now with Microsoft Security Essentials. i also installed firefox and plan to use that for now on. also, i used the usb drive i mentioned earlier to move the files into my computer that i just reformatted. do you think any of the files are infected? should i have anything to worry about?
  6. i forgot to mention, my ipod ended up dying and i charged it and restarted it and now it works fine. i'm just worried it might be injected with the trojan virus along with the USB flash drive. hopefully nothing is wrong.
  7. An off the wall idea - do you use a wireless keyboard / mouse? Although the latest ones aren't meant to crosstalk, we had an issue in the office here where my logitech keyboard was typing onto my PC and one at the far end of the office at the same time.

    Bit of a problem as I was typing an email to my girlfriend at the time... ;)
  8. nah i'm sure it's a virus since i use a notebook. anyways, i scanned my computer with microsoft security essentials and found no threats. thanks for your help guys!
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