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Recently I shutdown my PC.Then when i started it, it didnt bootup. No video signal came from the PC. OK then i changed monitor cable, gfx card and all video related stuff and tried powering on again. Then same problem again.

PSU FAN. motherboard light, cpu fan, hdd everything ran.

Then after sometime i powered On my PC, then it started and it said CMOS Check sum Error. Then i restarted my computer. Then again it booted and went into windows 7. I noticed that the date has been resetted. But after 1 hour i got the blue screen error. Then i restarted my computer and i went into bios and changed the time and when i saw the eventlog, it logged CMOS battery failure and CMOS checksum error three times.

Then i closed BIOS and went on to boot sequence, then it went into windows startup repair and just freezed. So i restarted my comp and then i couldnt go in at all coz i got no video signal again.

I thought the battery was dead. But i read in a forum that bad mem sticks could also cause the issue. Then i removed and cleaned and re inserted the modules and powerd up the PC. Now its working perfectly for 3 hours.

But can anyone diagnose the problem and help me rectify and harware or software issuse

I have attached the minidump

My PC Specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz
2 X 1 GB transcend 667
160 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200
500 GB Western Digital ( I installed it just before the problem started)
Nvidia 9800 GT 512 MB
600 Watt Zebronics PSU

PLease help me before i get the same problem again
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  1. Well, if your problem seems to have been resolved for three hours, it may just have been the RAM. Also, the geneirc PSU might just have crapped out, although 600W is a lot.
  2. Well you may want to start with a new cmos battery. I would download memtest and run it over night to check the ram. But I think lmeow had it right with a bad PSU.
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