9800GT vs GTS250

I wanna know how much diffrence is there in both card while gamin at 720p???How much framerate difference>?
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  1. At low resolutions, not really any difference at all. At higher resolutions, the 250 will pull away.

    At all resolutions, the 250 will handle AA and AF much better.
  2. GTS250 is a 9800GTX/GTX+, which means it will be approx.15-20% better than the 9800GT.
  3. Well at 720P , how mcuh FPS difference would one encounter between the two!!
  4. BUMP need help!
  5. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Galaxy/GeForce_GTS_250_1_GB/19.html

    According to the article, GTS 250 is ALWAYS faster than 9800GT at any resolution. See crysis page if you are interested in playing crysis. Its 37.1 vs.31 at 1024x768. You might want to check the data for 1280x1024 resolution as its the closest to 720p.

    Personally, with an exception of crysis, I dont see any gain at buying 250 over 9800GT, as both can handle all t he games (except crysis) at more than 60FPS at the said resolution.
  6. Well so 9800GT is the bang for the buck here and will it serve me well for 1.5-2years maxing out games at 1024 x 768??F
  8. At that resolution, it will easily power just about anything thrown at it with good results.
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