Confused about overclocking: FX-4100 and Asus M5A78 LX Plus

This is my first time ever attempting to overclock, and I've already read the sticky about overclocking BE CPUs. However, I'm still confused because the BIOS obviously is not the same. Could someone provide me some advice? I'm only making a separate thread because it's my first time ever, and I need to get used to my BIOS.

My cooling isn't that great at all. I have the Cooler Master Hyper 101a. Just running the computer normally (no cores activated, nothing overclocked), I hit up to 32 degrees Celsius when playing games.

I guess I should also mention that I don't want to overclock anything other than the CPU. My RAM isn't that great to begin with (1333 mhz at 1.65V, 8gb).
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  1. go to the jumperfree settings in the advanced section of the bios and increase the multiplier
  2. the BE sticky applies to you, and you can't unlock cores because that was a phenom II only thing :P

    there should be a section for overclocking, mine is called AI Suite, but yours may differ
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