Looking for a case that fits my motherboard

I'm looking for a case that fits my motherboard. Is there any website that would make my search a bit easier?
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  1. what size is your motherboard?
  2. It's "ATX" - 12 in × 9.6 in (305 mm × 244 mm)
  3. For some reason I can't edit my own post...

    I just wanted to add that it's important for me to see interior of a case. I need a new case because there's not enough room for new component in current one. I hope someone can provide me a website where it's possible to see interior. I didn't find anything on my own.
  4. pretty much every mid-tower and full-tower case will hold your motherboard.
  5. +1 what Bejabbers said. You have a standard motherboard that will fit in any mid-tower or full tower case. Is there some sort of special component you need extra room for? Perhaps an extra long video card?

    Here's a link to the new Lian Li Dragon Lord cases that come in a variety of models:


    There are lots of case interior images to look at. Just click on all the links.
  6. Thanks to both of you! @JohnnyLucky, yeah, that's the thing. I'm going to replace the stock cooler of my video card. But the whole thing will be one inch longer and I don't have that much space in my current case. I think I'm just going to look through the cases at my local shop online and then try to find pictures of interiors elsewhere.
  7. I can choose between these: AOpen | Chieftech | EnerMAX | Gmc | LC | Thermaltake

    I noticed that some of the manufactures have their own style of layout. Does anybody know which of them has cases with empty space in lower right corner?

    I have to search through a lot of different models and some of them don't have pictures of interior, so this information would be really useful.
  8. The bottom hard drive cage of the Lian Li Dragon Lord cases are very easy to remove. There are just three small screws that hold the cage in place. Lian Li used screws so users could rotate the cage. The Lian Li case instructions includes a photo showing location of the 3 screws.
  9. My current case has removable HDD cage too, but it also has another box above HDD cage, and that's the thing that's restricting me. I checked interior of a Lian Li Dragon Lord case and found this:

    If that whole thing in lower right corner can be removed, then maybe it would fit. But I'd rather be sure and buy a case that fits without removing something.
    I need about 320-340mm. Cooler is supposed to be 295 mm, but I have to take into account that video card is moved another 10+mm away from the back of the case (at least in my current one) and that I'll probably need some additional room for cables.
  10. If you get a case with a top mounted power supply, then the motherboard will be shifted towards the bottom of the case and the upper drive cage will not be in the way.

    Based on the choices you provided you could go for a Chieftec full tower case:

  11. Thanks! Are full tower cases generally also longer? Probably not...

    I'm going to search through Chieftec ones. It's really a pain though, because I can't seem to find any dimensions of interior.

    The trouble-making cooler is from Arctic Cooling and surprise surprise, they also have cases that fit (but not at my local shop though). If I won't find anything, I think I'll just order one of theirs. http://www.arctic-cooling.com/catalog/main.php?cPath=4

    I also found a picture of this cooler in a case, but I don't know if it's for ATX motherboards. Do you know where I can find such models?
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