PC resets after initial boot, not on resets

Hi all. I've recently built a new PC for my parents. I've encountered something peculiar that I haven't seen before though. On a cold boot, and only on a cold boot (not reset) the PC will power on for several seconds like normal, nothing on screen. Then it will shut itself off for a couple seconds, and then boot like normal.

It will do this after every shut down and start up. But won't do it on any reset.

It doesn't appear to have affected the PC in anyway, everything's fine, and the OC is running perfectly stable ( 8 hours prime) just not sure where to start. Any ideas are appreciated.


core i7 940 @ 3.66
evga x58 LE
corsair 750w PSU
corsair 6gb 1600mhz ram
geforce gtx 250 1gb
antec 900 case
WD raptorsx2 (raid0)
WD 750gb media drive
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  1. I have had 2 instances of a problem similar to this. My motherboard is an ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe.
    The first was when my motherboard went out on me when I plugged the front USB into the firewire slot. Not good. I would hit the power button, it would turn lights/fans on, then shut off within seconds.

    The second I have just started to experience. My computer recently started freezing, and it appears to be the hard drive. I have run numerous tests, and they say my hard drvie is ok. I am convinced its not, since it is constantly freezing during boot up. When I perform a cold boot, the OS will freeze, making me reset the computer. When I do this, the computer will shut off twice before it will finally go through a good clean start.

    First, I would knock the OC back to stock, even though it seems perfectly fine. Then, my first to places to check would be the motherboard and hard drive.
  2. The first point the last resort made is a good one to check on a new build. There's a basic design flaw we all have to live with. The connectors used on the ends of cables from the front panel for USB and Firewire (IEEE 1394) ports are identical, and yet connecting a Firewire device to a USB mobo port (or the other way around) may cause significant damage. Check to be sure you connected the cable(s) to the right mobo port(s).
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    Some motherboards do this by design, something to do with precharging capacitors or something to reduce overloading psu when everything kicks in at the same time.
  4. Yeah apparently it's called a double pump on the evga forum. Fairly common, but could be related to some kind of virtualization / virtual machine BIOS setting, or a bad CMOS battery. Don't know how it could be the battery though because i'm not losing any BIOS settings.
  5. Have a bunch of Dells that do this, we got worried at first but then Dell released a BIOS updated that gave us the option to disable it.

    Nothing in BIOS on your mobo to do this?
  6. I'm not in possession of the PC at the moment, but i'll check when I can and post back.
  7. Just an update. I found that this double pump only occurs when you either pull out the power cord or flip the master on/off switch on the power supply. As long as it stays plugged in it won't double pump even on a cold boot.

    So this is pretty much by design.

    Thanks for the Info Das
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