Need serious help overclocking Celeron E3400!

OK so I am an outright n00b when it comes to overclocking a CPU, so i need A LOT of help. I'm not by any means a computer expert but i do know a good bit about computers, seeing as i built mine and do all my upgrades, and I know how to overclock GPU's, Its just that ive never overclocked a cpu and im scared to death of it. I'm sure after I learn how it'll be how i was with overclocking GPU's (scared as hell at first; not scared of it at all now).

My motherboard is a g31m-s r2.0 from ASRock, and my CPU as it says in the title is a E3400. I do only have the stock cooler so im not looking to crank it up to 4.0GHz (If that could even handle it) I just want a little boost while gaming considering its at 2.6GHz right now I believe. My ram is x1 2GB DDR2 800 and 1x 1GB DDR2 800 (though i did have to change my fsb jumper majigger all around so it would even turn on, it wouldnt even post till i adjusted the jumpers, its like 1_2 2_3 2_3 or 2_3 1_2 1_2, dont know if that matters at all). I would feel more comfortable not changing any voltages but if its a must then i will.

What im kinda asking if someone can walk me through what to set the stuff to and kinda, doesnt have to be to thorough, explain why you want me to set it to that to help out in the future. Ive have read guides online and youtube'd it but Im still nervous about it. And I always get great help here so I decided to the hell with those ill just ask you guys(or girls?). Thanks in advanced for any help :)

*I did read a bit about it before coming here though so i know its multiplier x FSB and some essentials of it

Also in Cpu-z my core speed is 2592MHz
my multiplier is 13
my bus speed is 199.45
my rated speed 797

also another question is, should i set it to CPU,PCIE SYNC or CPU PCI ASYNC? I have limited overclocking abilitys but ive seen people get up to 4GHz with aftermarket cooling on this board and cpu.

EDIT* I got impatient and starting trying myself and i have it running at 3.1Ghz from 2.6 stable. 240 x 13. but i cant go any higher at all. not even 241. but people get way farther than this and im wanting to SEE how itll run at 3.5-6 and hopefully get that without aftermarket cooling. But when i do raise it to 241 or higher it starts up then right before it would go to the starting windows screen it beeps like 50 times and i have to restart. I have it set to CPU PCIE SYNC which adjusts the top 240 number and matches a number for the PCIE under it and the ASYNC option lets you adjust both. I also cant find a Vcore option or any cpu voltage option so i cant adjust that.
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