A780GM-A Ultra (V1.0) doesn't have AMD Cpu Function

I use cpu AMD athlon x2 240 with this mainboard. I want to change cpu multiplier and cpu voltage . But In the M.I.B II, I just see "Voltage Function", and I don't know where to adjust cpu multiplier.

I search all the others function. But I don't find where to adjust cpu multiplier. I google, and I found that This main board has "AMD cpu function". But Why my main board doesn't have this function??

How do I enable this function for my main board?

Please help me , thanks
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  2. I have just received an email from ECS. They said that "AMD CPU Function enable with only AMD Cpu Black Series, It doesn't support your cpu so you can't see this function".

    I suppose to sell this main board and buy other one or use AMD Overdrive to OC my Cpu..

    thanks for your all reply.
    thanks for your all reply.
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