Is 64gb Sata III enough for just Windows 7 OS?

I'd like to buy SSD to install Windows on and the rest of my Programs on a mechanical HDD. I've never used the SSD's and any link or advice on configuring such a configuration would be greatly appreciated. I'd been looking at the Crucial M4 64gb sata III, but is 64gbs enough?

And the Intel 320 series 120gb sata 2 SSD

My motherboard, the Asus P8Z68-V Pro supports both. I hoping I could manage just my windows 7 on the 64gb sata III SSD, save some money and utilize my boards sata III capabilities. Is sata III a real improvement over sata 2?
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    Recommend the M4, Have not heard if Intel has fixed the 8 mb bug for the 320 yet. They did come out with a firmware about a month ago, But heard that it was not totally effective.

    64 Gig is the Min size that I recommend. Win 7 with most of my programs (no games) only takes up around 30 gigs.

    Recommend 2 things:
    Disable hibernation, Saves 4->6 gigs) and (2) set min / max size for virtual memory to 1024 mb (this save an additional 4 -> 5 Gigs.
    For Hibernation:
    For Page File (virual memory):

    As normal.
    For installation:
    USE INTEL sata port, not 3rd party marvel sata port.
    Disconnect ALL other HDDs
    Set controller to AHCI
    After windows installation, reconnect HDDs
    If MB controller for sata ports is INTEL, down load and install the latest Intel RST driver Ver 10.6

    On sata II vs Sata III SSDs. Biggest performance difference is for the sequencial read / writes. Leat important parameter for a OS + Program drive. Not a BIG performance diff for a "Good" Sata II SSD such as Samsung 470 vs a Sata III drive for access time and for the small file 4K random read / writes which are the IMPORTANT parameters.
  2. Windows7 installation should not use more than 30Gb
  3. I have Windows 7 Pro 64 installed on my ssd. I did a clean install. I downloaded and installed all the Windows updates. Then I did a few space saving tweaks. Windows 7 uses just a little bit more than 21GB. Results vary a little bit depending on the Windows version and the configuration.
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