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Temp sensors mixmatch, and a real high one

Hi, I wonder if anyone might have a suggestion:
I've an older PC with an Epox EP-8RDA3+ mobo. I downloaded SensorView Pro 3.2 in order to check out my temps. (It seems the Epox site is broken; I can't download any drivers of software from their site.)
With SensorView, I get the following readings:

CPU: 39 C
Sys: 68 C
Aux: 32 C

When I quickly reboot and go right into BIOS and look at the health settings, I get:

CPU: 39 C
System: 32 C

So, it would seem that if the BIOS is more right than the SensorView, my REAL system temp is the 32 and not the 68. Which seems right to me; how can the ambient temp of the system be higher than the CPU?!

But then that raises the question: what the heck is 68 degrees in my box?? Can I find out what it is? And is there something I can do to fix it? (Of course, the answer to that totally depends on what it is that's so hot under no real load to speak of.)

Thanks for any feedback!
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  1. Your full system configuration would be helpful.
  2. I don't know what you mean. All the various components?
    If so, here goes... (if not, sorry to waste space/time)

    Epox EP-8RDA3+ mobo
    AMD Athalon XP 3200+ CPU running non-overclocked at 2.2GHz
    Radeon 9600 XT video card
    1GB DDR 400 RAM (1x500BM, 2x256MB)
    1 SATA drive

    That's it I believe. (I'm hoping to build a new system this spring. I hope.)
  3. I guess that didn't provide any useful info, eh? :)
  4. I'm not much good with older systems and temperatures, so I don't really have anything to say about it. "System temp" is just a label after all, and the software makes a best effort attempt at labelling sensor readings correctly. Some are not always labelled right.
  5. I have to wonder, what else might be on a mobo they'd put a temperature sensor on??
    I'm pretty certain both the BIOS and the software have the CPU labeled correctly, and it's staying a pretty reasonable 38 - 45 degrees.
    What can be on the mobo that will climb from 20 to 70 degrees C within a couple minutes after turning the PC on?
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    I could be an erroneous reading from a sensor that does not really exist or has not been calibrated since it was not intended for use. Most of the time the CPU and North Bridge chipset will have a sensor, and sometimes the VRM as well.
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