Temporary Upgrade To Play Operation Flashpoint 2?

Hey all, I am currently running AMD Athlon 64 3500+, MSI MS-7184, 2 GB DDR PC3200, ATI Radeon Xpress 200, Thermaltake 430 watt xp550. Operation Flashpoint 2 just come out, and I know it calls for a dualcore processor, I am just wondering if I can just buy a BFG GTX 260 graphics card for now for a little while and run everything on low untill I upgrade to the new i7 core. Also will my powersupply run the graphics card, or I think I will have to upgrade that to, minumum 550 watt so I can run 12+v 36A? Maybe I can now? only have a dvd burner ontop of this hardware. Thanks. :o
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  1. You'll be very bottlenecked by your CPU. Also, which Thermaltake 430watt do you have? I believe there are two variants - one low end variant with only 18amps x1 rail that won't be able to run the system, and one that is around 18amps x2 rails that might be able to handle it.
  2. XP550NP? EDIT - I know I am bottlenecked by my cpu, but do you think it would run it and other newer games for now?
  3. *BUMP* Anyone? Whats all this talk about ATI now, is ATI pulling ahead of Nvidia? What would be an equivilant ATI card?
  4. I believe that is the 18A single rail model. You won't be able to drive much with that. I'd say an ATI 4670 would be a solid solution, but with that PSU you won't be able to drive much. If you are willing to purchase a GTX 260, would you be willing to upgrade your PSU?
  5. 5750


    700watt psu

    Would something like this work? Forgive me I am a fan of futureshop :kaola: And The 4670 is a lot cheaper than the GTX 260, how much better is the 5750? Can I do crossfire later on with this psu and the 5750/4670? Will this powersupply run the new i7 core? thanks.

    EDIT - from what I read the 4670 is faster than the 5750 I think? Wierd?
  6. With that CPU & the amount of RAM, I would save up and buy a new computer.
  7. I bought a 750w powersupply and radeon hd 4670 so far i am pretty pleased. as to clutz i am buying a new motherboard, processor (i7 core) and ram soon i just don't want to dump a whole lot of money down once thanks. anything i should know about the hd 4670?
  8. Um.. you could have run it on the 430w PSU :-P haha.

    With a 750 you can run pretty much any single GPU you want.
  9. I realised that when i looked on the box but I want to upgrade to a i7 core soon so might as well... btw everything runs great all my games run on highest setting.
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