eSATA error:JRAID1 detected port timeout

Windows Vista has failed on many tries to copy a 160 gb folder about 30k items via any method (copy-paste, drag, right click, syncToy). It starts the process OK and then slowly grinds to a halt, apparently (no activity, lots of free resources). When I try to abort the failed operation, that cancel process fails also, and the only way to end it is by shutting the external drive down. The source is a external eSATA Samsung HD204UI; the destination is an internal OS SAMSUNG HD103SJ. They both have over 300gb free. Windows has exhibited strange behavior often in the course of these attempts, like repeatedly ignoring the copy attempt altogether. I didn't have this problem up until a week ago, but the drives and eSATA setup is new. Previously I could routinely copy large directories of music or images. Reboots help not.

I'm experiencing momentary system freezes every minute or so apparently related to the following event shown in the win event viewer:

The driver for device \Device\Scsi\JRAID1 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity. All associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition.

Above re-occurs once per minute after boot, only when eSATA is hooked up. After failed copy, if drive is turned off and back on, errors do not occur in absence of copy operation (or other?).

Research on that error leads to focus on two issues, for which there is a lot of discussion: the JRAID controller and the Samsung drives.

Recommended solutions:
1. disable the JMicron RAID controller. (Doing this makes my eSATA drives disappear. I don't use a RAID setup but want to be able to hot swap eSATA drives. Doing the copy with the same drive set up as USB works fine, if relatively slowly.)
2. apply a Samsung firmware patch, the instructions for which follow:

To improve this problem, Please use the attached DOS model patch tool.

1. Please unzip attached file to Bootable media (USB,CD, Floppy...etc).
2. Please connect Target HDD to Primary / Mast.
3. Booting the system to DOS mode by bootable media.(which with this F/W flash program).
4. Please run " F4EG ".
5. When FW Flash successfully message display , please Power Off system, to make F/W flash complete.

Note: Please do not warm boot(Ctrl+Alt+Delet , or push Reset button..etc) your PC during the
F/W patch. Warm boot can make F/W Patch fail and make unexpected problem on HDD.

Advice on applying this would be appreciated (item numbers as above).

1. OK, but nothing else need be on the media?
2. Please explain. Is it sufficient to have it eSATA primary?
3. This means choose the same bootable device at POST and then boot.
4. Type this at a command prompt and hit <enter>.
5. OK.
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  1. AIUI, Samsung's firmware updater requires that your drive be connected to a SATA controller that is configured for "legacy IDE" mode. That is, the ports must occupy the traditional primary or secondary IDE addresses of 0x1F0 or 0x170.
  2. OK. Thank you.
  3. Update of jmicron controller has stuck but seems not to have fixed the eSATA errors. Fingers very crossed.
    Errors still occur when eSATA large copy attempted (but fails) and thereafter. Some discussions said an earlier version worked. Though that was some yeas ago, I may have to re-visit.
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