2x HD his 4670 1gb crossfire run good ??

ok guys, i know here are alot expert games guys and hardwares, so ill leave my question.
i buyed one hd 4670 that dont need bridge to run crossfire, i want buy one more same model to enable crossfire (whitout bridge), i want know if i install 2x 4670 ill run fine games like crisys, cod2 modern warfare
2x HD HIS 4670 its compare to what vga card ?? Gtx 260 ? lol
or i should buy cards that use crossfire bridge connection ?? is better ??
thanks for any reply guys
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    GTX260 or a 4870 will blow two 4670s away.

    The 4670 is a budget low-end gaming card for low power systems. Even if you put two of them together in Xfire, they will perform equal to or worse than a 4850. Xfire/SLi is more effective with higher end cards for better performance-cost ratio.

    4670 ~ 8800GS/9600GSO < 3870 ~ 9600GT < 4830 ~ 8800/9800GT < 4850 ~ 9800GTX < 4870 ~ GTX260

    Sell your 4670 and get yourself a single 4870 ($130 for 512mb or $150 for 1GB) or GTX260 ($130 for 192sp or $15o for $216sp)
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