Black Screen after playing a game, help!

So, I just recently moved in with my girlfriend, and I set up my desktop. I set everything up fine, it boots, and I go and play diablo II. Computer in total ran for about two hours, I was in the middle of playing D2, when all of the sudden screen freezes as im playing, for about 4 seconds... Then black screens on me, then makes a reboot sound. After that, I decided to re-boot. Nothing. Also, there is no beeps in the boot sequence.

I then went as far as to do the following:

1) Reboot
2) Disconnect all the internal power to the components
3) Reset Jumpers (All of them)
4) Reset CMOS Battery
5) Booted w/o Graphics Card to get display

I'm out of ideas guys, anyone have any suggestions? This is a brand new rig! I cant think of components off of the top of my head, b/c it's been a long time since I've been on my rig before I moved in. The only things I know are:

9600 Gt MSI
2x 1024 Corsair RAM
Intel Dual Core Processor
Asus Micro ATM MOBO
640 GB Sata Hard Drive

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  1. Hmmm.... 24 Views, no one can help?? I Cry!
  2. Well, a few details that would help to know:

    - When you re-boot, does anything happen at all (i.e. do fans and lights come on), or is the entire system just dead?

    - If fans and lights come on, do you get ANY video at all -- for the few seconds during the boot sequence, for example? Or is it just black the whole time?

    - Did rebooting plugged into the onboard VGA work? Or was it also still black?

    Knowing this can help point toward a possible suspect, which at this point sounds like it could be (in order of likelihood) the power supply, video card, CPU or motherboard.

    As always, if you have a way to test any of the individual components in someone else's system, that will go a long way toward narrowing down the problem. The graphics card at least ought to be easy to do that for.
  3. thanks for your reply capt_taco!!

    here is the order of your questions, with answers:

    1) When I re-boot, fans kick on, cd rom spins, and hard drive spins.
    2) Fans and lights come on, but I get absolutely zero video, black the entire time.
    3) Rebooting plugged into the onboard VGA did not work, it was black.

    I Have no way of testing components in another system, sadly.
  4. Well, that makes it sound less likely that it's the power supply, anyway.

    I am beginning to wonder if it's an issue with the motherboard. If the video card just randomly decided to give out, doing a CMOS clear SHOULD have reset your BIOS to use the onboard graphics, which SHOULD have given you video if the motherboard was working correctly.

    Did you do the CMOS clear with the card still in? If so, try removing the card and do another CMOS clear, making sure you let it sit a good long time just to be certain it does reset. It's possible that if the card is still in there after resetting the BIOS, the board may still be detecting the card and auto-disabling the onboard graphics. If the card is bad, obviously that's going to give you ... poor results.

    So if you try this and are able to get video with the onboard, then I'd say evidence points to a bad video card. If not, it's back to testing individual components if possible.
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