Problem booting. powering on and off quickly

okay, so ive read a few different forums about this problem and cant figure out if i have a mobo issue or a cpu issue.
here are the things that i have tried:

remove all parts from case and connecting the power pins with a screw driver - boots for about 3 seconds and powers off.

traded out the psu with a known working psu - same thing.

removed ram, video card, hard drives, dvd burner and powered with screw driver outside of case - same.

removed cpu fan and applied artic silver. reattached fan and powered with screw driver - same.

so now i think i pretty much narrowed it down to either the mobo or the cpu. my next problem is trying to determine which one it is... any thoughts on how to go about narrowing it down to one or the other?
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  1. Based on what's happening in your case, I would remove the CPU and try it on another motherboard. If nothing bad happens, you can assume it's your mobo that's broken. And if something does happen, then it's most likely your CPU.
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