Ethernet Cable Not working and reduces Noise?

Hello again :)

This might be some kind of odd thread, and I've got two questions.

The first.

last week I posted a thread about Noise coming out of the System, but now I've got it again. More about this question in the following text.

The evening before I shut off the system just normally, but as I woke up in the morning and was about the check my schedule for school, the Internet did not work. The LED on the back panel of the mobo indicating connected Ethernet cable was not glowing, and I tried to troubleshoot. I read on some other threads that the function in BIOS disabling the onboard LAN cableconnection migh have been enabled or something, so I simply load up the default settings and manually set the RAM settings to which they was before. Still didn't work. ANd also, while I was using the cable for gaming, I heard nothing at all, except for the PSU which almost always is the most lound part in the case. But as I wasn't able to use my cable now, I installed a router which let me use Wireless connection, but then suddenly that strange noise I've had before(while using wireless, NOT during any time I've used cable) came back. I am 99% sure that the PCI adapter now installed on the mobo is the culprit, no doubt that, but how does the sound come form a card without any fan or any "moving" part? It's some kind of electric sound. And should I replace it?

Just a few inputs, I've tried three different cables which works on any system without my own, I've restarted the router many times. The Wireless connection is connected to the same router I've tried with a cable.

I've also used another wireless USB adapter, and no sounds is heard while using it.

Mobo: P5Q3
Wireless card: Netgear WG311T

many thanks! :)

//Filip, Sweden

PS. Sorry for my bad english
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  1. On board sound cards are very susceptible to electromagnetic interference. By the sounds of it, your NIC card has just gone south for the winter, and seems to like the idea of a permanent vacation. Luckily, replacements can be found for less than $10.

    The noise issue can be solved by simply purchasing a new sound card with quality shielding. Or even something as simple as better cable management. But there's no substitute for a quality sound card.
  2. So the Ethernet Cable port has broke due to some electromagnetic stuff in the room? And I have to purchase another Card?

    And the noise only comes when using the Wireless network adapter, and almost only during the logon screen to world of warcraft. I don't even have a Soundcard.

    Thanks :)
  3. It sounded more like he was trying to say the ethernet port went bad on its own, and maybe that's creating interference that is messing up your sound. Or maybe it's two separate problems -- the ethernet port going bad on its own, and interference from another source (like the power cables in your case) causing the sound problems.

    You DO have a sound card -- virtually all motherboards come with a built-in (onboard) sound adapter of some kind. If you've got audio jacks on the back panel to plug into, you definitely have some form of built-in sound. What he's suggesting is to get a separate sound card and disable the onboard sound. A good add-on sound card will probably have better protection against interference, not to mention better sound quality overall.
  4. I see.

    Yes I know that I have a built-in sound card. I thought he mentioned that my external sound card was broke or something.

    The Ethernet port, is there any good way to troubleshoot the culprit?
  5. If one day your Ethernet connection was working and the next day it stopped, and the other parts (cable and router) work with other machines, that's as much evidence as I can think of in support of a bad adapter. Honestly, the best way to check is probably to get a cheap PCI network card for $10 or so and see if it works. If it does, voila, problem solved.

    Also, I missed the part about wireless the first time ... seems like the wireless signal itself might be causing the interference, in which case, going back to a cable connection via a PCI Ethernet card might stop the interference. So I'd try that first before getting a new sound card.
  6. Oh, and since your integrated LAN has gone, you might want to go ahead and disable it in the BIOS.
  7. I'll pick up another PCI card for cables. I hope I got spots left for that :)

    Is the old port dead for all time?
  8. It sounds like the onboard LAN is dead and gone, yes. If a PCI card works, that will be an excellent sign that the onboard one just burned out. It happens sometimes, but thankfully is cheap to fix and a lot easier than buying a new motherboard.

    One additional thing: If you have time, this would probably be a good time to back up any important data on your system. If the LAN is dead, it could be just a random failure, but it would suck if it was a sign that the whole motherboard was starting to go bad. Again, not necessarily saying this will happen, and for all I know the motherboard could run smoothly for 5 more years. But if a motherboard dies, installing a new one almost always means reinstalling Windows, and it'll be a pain to get your data off first if that happens. Better safe than sorry, is all I'm saying.
  9. Thank's alot. I've posted a new thread, since my system is not usable now. My father tried to carry it, but as he was drunk, he dropped it to the ground, and now is probably the case and the GPU the only working things. thanks for your avices, and please suggest new pieces :)

    have a nice day, and thanks once again for that wonderful description cpt taco
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