Is there a huge difference between 5ms and 2ms monitors?

I just ordered an alienware auroa with a ATI 5870 and i still need a monitor for when i recieve the computer sometime in dec. Im not sure what to buy and ill mostly be gaming on the computer. I will mostly be gaming and i was wondering how big of a difference there is between 5ms and 2ms and what size i should get. im willing to spend the 230ish over 170ish for a monitor if there is a huge difference in quality. Im not really sure what resolution im going to use yet but another question comes to mind with if i want to use an hdmi cable or not. Is there a difference there also from DVI?
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    No significant difference, no.

    As for what size? I'm partial to 24" with 1920x1200.
  2. Have to agree with cjl. I have 2 ms @ work and 5 ms @ home i have been like this for 3 years and i still cannot see any major difference. I can;t see any minor too if i have to be honest :)
    There sure is difference but i guess it is too miniscule to notice with naked eye.
  3. most companies that advertise 2ms Are reffering to GTG (gray to white to grey) while most companies that advertise 5ms are refering to Black to Black.
    I have never noticed any difference either tho
  4. The main difference would be at higher refresh rates (75Hz and above), where a lower response time is essential for reducing ghosting. But at 60Hz, theres really no difference between the two.
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