Crysis Warhead appear message Flow System Warning

Somebody know what does it mean?
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  1. More information:


    AMD Phenom II X4 955
    4GB RAM
    650 HDD

    Main graphic adapter:

    Powered by ATI ASUS EAH4870 series
    Driver version 8.661.0.0 date 23.09.2009
    BIOS version
    BIOS date 2009/04/15
    Memory 512 МB
    Message appears while loading 1st level

    Text of the messages:

    1st message
    FlowSystem Warning
    [flow] trooper_electricalobject : Failed to create node '6' of type 'entity:ParticleEffect' - FLOWGRAPH DISCARDED

    2nd message
    FlowSystem Warning
    [flow] trooper_electricalobject : Did not load all nodes (2/3 nodes) - FLOWGRAPH DISCARDED
  2. Have you tried reinstalling the game?
  3. Yes, about 5 or 6 times. It didn't help.
  4. What operating system are you running?

    It seems this problem is becoming a common issue.

    do you have a hard copy or did you legally download it? Some people are having trouble with the downloaded version.

    Also if you haven’t already tried;

    Re-install the game with uac turned off
    Run the game as administrator

    Also, if you’re using vista, login to the 'administrator' account and try run the game from there. Search Google on how to achieve the administrator account.
  5. I'm running WinXPsp3. I have a hard copy, and I've already tried to run the game as administrator. It doesn't work. I can't find any information about such trouble.
  6. It's not a system service message, it is message of the game inner service "FlowSystem Warning"
  7. Somebody, please, help me with this problem.!!!!
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