Phenom II X4 Multiplier overclock vs Bus speed

So I was wondering if it would be better to overclock my processor with the multiplier alone or changing the bus speed and multiplier? Heres a screenshot of cpuiz.

PC specs

Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
AMD Phenom II 955 @ 3.8ghz per core
MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GB
8GB DDR3 1333 Ram (4GB G.Skills 4GB Samsung)
Hyper 212 plus CPU cooler
Corsair GS600W Powersupply
500GB WD 7200rpm hard drive
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    Basically changing the multiplier only speeds the processor up while changing the bus speed changes the speed of everything on the system.
    It's easier and kind of safer to just change the multiplier but you might not see much of an improvement on benchmarks over changing the bus speed
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