Asus Rampage I I Extreme Bios Downgrade. HELP!

Hi I need to downgrade my bios because the new updates caused me to only have 4gb out of my 6gb when I overclock or change a setting in the bios it restarts to show only 4gb.
Either I need a solution to this or I need help downgrading my bios
I need to downgrade to 1306 from 1802-1704-1639-1504-1406-1306.
This problem has been going on for 6months+ I kinda just gave up for a while now I'm trying again. I bought a brand new patriot xporter flash drive 4gb and that's what I will be using

My system
core i7920 overclocked to 3.7ghz
6gb of corsair memory
asus rampage I I extreme motherboard
EVGA gtx 285
1kpsu (Overkill I know)
300gb velocity raptor

Thank you very much

Here is a example.
Thanks again..
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  1. How did you flash this BIOS update? If you used a floppy/CD/USB stick just after after POST then you should be able to just load the previous BIOS onto the media of choice and re-flash it.

    I once had a similar problem with an HP laptop. I updated the BIOS and it made the mobo no longer compatible with the memory, so I reloaded an older BIOS and it started to work again. I feel your pain.
  2. I used the windows asus update utility

    Thank you
  3. I usually stay away from the Windows BIOS flashing, too many horror stories. I am not sure if you can specify a file using the Windows method, but if you can it may work. Still, ASUS does have a flash utility that you can access during POST and you can put the BIOS rom file on a floppy/USB stick and flash it that way. Check your mobo manual for the section called, "3.1.3 ASUS EZ Flash 2 utility." It has an easy-to-follow step-by-step to guide you through the entire process. You just need to download an older BIOS from ASUS, or use the one that came on the mobo driver CD/DVD.
  4. Hi This is what happens when I try to do that. VVV

  5. That sucks...I read in this forum of two possibilities.

    Supposedly it is possible. Check it out and let us know how it goes. The ASUS ftp site is here. Good luck.
  6. I don't understand the proccess of flashing my flash drive?
    Sorry if u cThank you an explain it it would be very nice!
  7. From my understanding the instructions want you to make a flash drive bootable, but I believe this can only be done with a floppy, so just format a floppy to be bootable and copy it to the flash drive. I've never done that but it should work. In My Computer, right-click on the floppy, select format, check "Quick Format" and "Create an MS-DOS startup disk," and click start.

    Those instructions from that forum got really weird on step 2 of the USB drive part. Sorry.
  8. I dont have a floppy. Thanks for the help.
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