Hard drive not playing nice

Let me start with the comp details:

System Configuration: 2 years old, Core i7-920, Intel DX58SO, two 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 drives on ports 4 and 5. All else is irrelevant.
Ideal config: Two hard drives both plugged in and working fine (which isn't happening right now). (maybe RAID 1 would be nice if the darn integrated adapter would work).


About a month ago, my secondary drive (unused at the time) just decided to give out on me. The BIOS logged that BTW. Seagate fixed my drive and sent it back to me. I upgraded my drives to firmware CC49 and everything was happy, until a few days ago.

Drive 1 contains Windows and is plugged into port 4, and drive 2 was plugged into port 5 (the last one), and was totally empty. Windows cruddy disk formatter crashed while formatting Drive 2, and left an inconsistent partition. I rebooted later, and the BIOS got stuck POSTing at 5A. I unplugged the second drive, switched to AHCI mode (Windows configured correctly), and rebooted. No luck. I unplugged Drive 1 and put it in port 5. All happy and booting fine. Plug drive 2 into port 4, and it's screwed again. Unplug, happy. Hot-swapping, Windoze failed to install the driver, and left drive 2 unusable. Upon reboot, it just says "Disk drive" and Disk Management doesn't recognize it. I have yet to try booting into Linux and seeing if it's recognized.

I think it would almost be safe to say "Third time is enemy action" for the hard drive.

Should I attribute the problem to:
-The formatting failure
-An evil hard drive
-Or a bad motherboard?
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  1. Sounds most like the formatting to me, though you do seem to have your share of motherboard problems (RAID) as well. Did you ever manage to get a good reformat, or anything at all actually, out of the bad drive after the initial formatting error?
  2. My desktop seems to like playing tricks on me. The very moment I take the time to go on Tom's and write up a whole thread about it, it decides to show the drive again and let me boot.

    I booted into one of my Linux live CDs and went into the disk utility. Turns out the drive somehow got split up into about a thousand partitions, each 100MB in size. I reformatted the disk and it's happy now. I can now play with the extra terabyte :)

    Computers these days, always playing tricks...
  3. Sweet.
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