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i recently have been experimenting with a new htpc build -- i like it and all is going well except im having a jumpy video problem when i do blu-ray playback and at other times like when i stream netflix and during h.264 playback.--this seems to occur during horizontal scrolling mainly..a sudden jump like its missing frames occurs...i have researched around and some say that it could be that i dont have a sound card and that it is using the onboard sound which could be the problem..and i was wondering what you all thought of that or maybe you have some other suggestions on how i could improve my setup.--i also should note that i started with just the onboard video then added a card to help add more video power to help this problem..but of course the problem is still here--is it an ati thing? im wondering..anyway any help would be greatly appreciated--thanks in advance.

i am using full version of windows 7 premium 64-bit, and have the latest drivers installed for all. nothing is overclocked--my setup is as follows.

Im going hdmi (rocketfish's latest) out of my vid card to a samsung LN40B630 (a shame because blu-ray looks insane on this tv)

asus m4a785g evo
amd Phenom II x4 810 2.6 ghz
g.skill ripjaws 4gb (2x 2gb) ddr3 1600
wd caviar green 1tb
sapphire 100252hdmi radeon HD 4550 512mb 64 bit
lg 8x bd-rom sata w/lightscribe (sata)
seasonic psu s12 500w
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  1. How are you getting "the latest drivers"? I downloaded drivers directly from AMD, then found that Windows Update was trying to overwrite them with older versions, which of course it claimed was the latest. What is the version # of the driver you are using?
  2. I downloaded each from the specific hardware manufacturer's website--so windows with automatic updates is over-riding/writing hardware drivers??
  3. as for the version numbers i will have to check that when i get home. (at work now)
  4. but they are all around 2 weeks old
  5. runecore said:
    so windows with automatic updates is over-riding/writing hardware drivers??

    Yes, that was happening to me. I do not keep automatic updates turned on so I caught it while manually applying updates. I applied the Windows 'Update' then checked the version number only to find it was an earlier one. I rolled back the driver and then hid that update so that it wouldn't be offered to me anymore.
  6. interesting--that is a good tip--thanks for that!--a seperate sound card would negate the audio on the hdmi wouldnt it..?--i really dont that --that is my solution.
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