G15 vs G19

I hope this isn't a silly question. I've read a lot about both keyboards, and I'm trying to make a decision.

What I want is a gaming keyboard. I like the idea of simple macro's, but I don't need dozens.

What I care about in a keyboard is feel of the keys, and being able to organize a lot of keys to do different things, in the limited space around my WASD keys. Some macro's would help a lot.

What I don't care about is the LED screen so much. The 2.0 USB would be nice, but I can plug into my computer next to it, and I hate to spend a $100 for the USB.

Other than the LED screen and the USB are there any reasons to buy the 19 over the 15?

(My whole computer cost me $600, so $160 is a lot for a keyboard to me)
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  1. Don't get a G15 unless you absolutely want to.
    The G15 keyboard only costs $60-80+ online.

    If I were you, I'd stick with a basic keyboard for typing, and go with a "game pad" instead.

    For example, the Ideazon Zboard Fang gamepad.
    They also have the gamepad WITH a keyboard attach, lol.

    There are scores of different game pads which, in my opinion, are superior in every way to [gaming] keyboards.

    Game pads also tend to be cheaper than the price of a G15 keyboard.

    I have had a G15 for over 4 years and have only ever used the macros in TWO games.
    The first being MMO Dark Age of Camelot, where I used it to stick to a target, attack, then do a 0.18 micro move (JUST enough to get to their "side" and followup the attack. Didn't really need it, and it was sometimes annoying/broken bc you cant stop the macro (like if you miss or accidentally press it).

    The second being Darkfall, where I found the macro code to spam the G15 macro key while hovering my mouse over a backpack to drag all the loot items into my backpack almost instantly. Loved it here.

    So I regret having EVER bought it- since the keys are so out of the way it's VERY annoying. You can't really use anymore than 2 keys while running around with WASD. It's just not worth it. The keyboard itself is also really big.

    It is nice to have a stopwatch + countdown timer though on the LED. That is the most useful thing I've had, but certainly not worth the $150 price. The LED backlight is the best part about it, which you can get with a very nice $40 keyboard.

    If you want a gaming keyboard, I'd check out RAZER's keyboards instead. I haven't got mine yet, but they boast "anti-ghosting" technology which fixes the problem with keyboards when you try to use more than 2 buttons at once.
    In almost every game I play, I try to run forward (W) while at the same time strafing (Q) and turning left (A) but i can't because the keyboard blocks the third button. It is SO annoying. Razer's claim is to fix it. Plus I believe they also have macro keys on it.

    I mention the game pad because I can clearly see how much more beneficial it is to use one. There's two problems though, which are the reasons mine sits idle collecting dust.

    1) Game pads require getting used to. It's completely different from keyboards. I am too impatient to sit there and learn how to use it when I could just grab my keyboard which I already know how to use very well and play.

    2) If you play MMO's where you need to type, it's very annoying to have to grab your keyboard to type, since you can't type with the game pad. If I didn't play MMO's, or if my keyboard was so large (G15) this wouldnt be much of a problem.
  2. My only experience with a game pad was at a friends house and I wasn't liking it. maybe I just need to have patience and learn how, but I don't have the money to test it out. I'm sure someone likes them for a reason, but I won't get one until I feel it's more comfortable to use. I type a lot too, chat and such, even though I use Vent in most games.

    The game I'm playing is Darkfall as well. I won't use a ton of macro's, if any, I more want to be able to swap out keystrokes to weapons. If I have a bow out then a certain set of keystrokes, staff another, 2h another, and 1h another.

    I'm 6'5" so big is usually better and right now my biggest problem is that all my keys are too close and I mash two at once with bad results.

    I'll look into the Razor's for sure, thanks for the help.

    If anyone has a G19 I'd like to hear from them on what they like/dislike about it in gaming.
  3. I only have the older G15 - the one with the LCD screen that flips open.

    It's a fantastic keyboard - excellent response. It's pretty big, but I'm over it. I don't use too many of it's features. I've only programmed like 3 of the macro keys, and the USB ports are pretty useless on it since they're unpowered. I know it doesn't sound too good after reading that, but the actual keyboard far more than makes up for it. It's very smooth, but still lets you know when a key is pressed or not.
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    The G19's USB ports are powered and the G15's are not. That is why the G13 game pad instructions say not to plug it into the G15 because it would not provide enough power. I have both the old and new versions of the G15 and I like the older one better because you can tilt the screen to whatever angle you want. The new one I keep having problems with glare from the rooms lighting. One of the biggest advantages I have found with the display has been with TeamSpeak and Ventrillo where it shows you who is talking.
  5. I'm with frozenlead, I'm over it, had it for 2 years now and the games I play there is no profile for them so it is useless, the only thing I like is it's lit so I can see the keys in the dark at night
  6. I think when I put my new system together I am going with the G11 or maybe a Razer.
  7. number13 said:
    ...and the games I play there is no profile for them so it is useless...

    You can use TeamSpeak and Ventrilo with just about any multiplayer game. Having it display in real time who is talking can help you learn the others in your guild/clan a lot faster and better. Also, with the G19, you can, though I don't know how good, play videos on it from places like YouTube. So you can start, pause, rewind, ect videos of walkthroughs wail you play the game without having to alt tab to desktop.
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