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Im trying to set up wireless network using a Belkin router. Everything was going good until I changed the network name. Now none of my computers or i-touchs can connect. What have i done wrong and how can i correct it?
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  1. You need to either change back the network name or update the computers' connections. Just to be sure check that SSID is being broadcast by the router, also disable wireless security temporarily.
  2. can you walk me through updating the computers connections? i have a mac and am lost at what im doing.
  3. I do not own a Mac so I cannot properly guide you on how you change the network settings in a Mac -- it should be fairly simple to update the network name to that being broadcast by the router.

    As I recall, like the PC a Mac shows a list of detected wireless networks and you select the one you want -- and then apply the security type and passphrase.
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