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Intel i7 overclock!

This is my config! an Asus Z68 v-pro, intel core i7-2600K 3.4GhZ, an intel stock cooler! Corsair PSU HX750W, RADEON HD 6870 and 2 exhaust fans!. now i want overclock it! the stock cooler just starts making noises and a high inside CPU temp of 80 degrees as soon as i cross the 4.3GHZ mark! what r the advantages of overclocking a processor! will game graphic improve on overclocking a processor! ?? plz recommend me ome cheap aftermarket cooler that will suit the overclocking purpose!
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  1. downt overclock with a stock heatsink!
    go get youself a nice one!
    with overclocking you pump more voltage to achieve stability and the by product is more heat!
    increased heat and stability don't go together
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    Overclocking won't make your games look better, the only thing that will do that is choosing more demanding settings in game. Overclocking your CPU can, in cases, let you do exactly that. Typically the GPU is the bottleneck in games, however, so a faster CPU doesn't buy you anything.

    Also, temperatures of 80 degrees are bad for your chip. If you're going to overclock, get an aftermarket cooler and keep those temps under 60.
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