Intel core i3 330M v/s intel core 2 duo T6600

I want to purchase a dell inspiron laptop but I am confused between Intel Core 2 Duo T6600(2.1 ghz/800MHz FSB/3MB Cache) and new processor Core i3-330M(2.13 GHz/4 Thread/3MB) at the lesser cost than Core 2 duo make me confused??

As I found Core i3 have new technology of 4 Threads but FSB(Front Side Bus Speed) is not indicated(given) in intel site....

What should I opt Intel Core i3-330M or Core 2 Duo T6600 ???
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  1. i3 hands down.

    Hyper-threading and turbo mode.
  2. +2 i3

    A much better choice.
  3. The Mobile Core i3 doesn't have the Turbo boast.
  4. Sorry, thinking of the i5s.

    Still, gots to be the i3. Better IPC and hyperthreaded.
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