Mobos that support PCI Express x4?

I picked up a PCI-e x4 RAID card to use for a home NAS server build and I'm searching for mobos, mini-ITX in particular, and I can't find any that have PCI-e x4 compatible slots. Are there any mini-ITX mobos that have PCI-e x4 slots? What about socket 478 (yes, P4s) micro-ATX mobos with PCI-e x4 slots?

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  1. Well, if you have a 16x PCI-e slot, you could just stick one in there, AFAIK, most mini-ITX motherboards have one PCI-e 16x lane. As for socket 478 motherboards, I wouldn't think so.
  2. You're prolly right, I just realized I was looking ONLY at CPU & video combo mini-itx mobos (on Newegg).

    Any CPU & video combo mini-itx mobos that have PCI-e x4 or x16 slots exists?

    Or mini-ITX mobos with built-in video (vga, dvi or hdmi) and PCI-e x4 or x16 slots?
  3. Not sure if you've found what you're looking for but Asus have a mini-itx board with a pci-ex 16 slot. And I've used a 4x raid controller in a 16x slot (they're "backwards" compatible) without problems. :

    Might not be what you're looking for but :)
  4. $200 and $150 are both more than I wanted to spend on a mobo for this project. I'm shelving this project until this fall since my storage needs will be minimum until then. I think I'll go with a Synology or Netgear NAS server then too, I'm sick of building new computers.

    Thanks everyone for their help and input.
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