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I am going to build another new computer and I want to move my current hardrive in my dell with windows 7 already inside it to my new built computer and use this to boot windows 7 and play my games. Can i do that or do i need to reinstall all my games because im upgrading my mobo, adding a much better psu and better processor and a new graphics card.
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  1. An OEM copy of Windows7 will let you move it, much like Windows2000 used to. You will need to redo all the drivers to the new system as well and re-activate windows. Whether or not the Dell licensed copy will crossover or not...??? Try it. the most you will need is to buy another HD and get an OEM copy of Win7.

    OBTW - I moved my OEM copy without any issue besides what I stated above...
  2. You will need to reinstall.

    generally when you do a major motherboard change (change in chipset mainly) you will recieve an BSOD "unmountable boot volume"

    there are some cases where you can install generic storage controller drivers in device manager and it "MAY" work.

    but best option is backup your important stuff and reload windows
  3. Thanks for the quick reply
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