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Quick question.

I have a amd 6000+ cpu and it seems to be running a little hot.

Was mid 50 degrees C while idling. So took off HSF and cleaned out dust and reapplied thermal paste. Now running at 48- 51 degrees C idling. Not a big problem but I imagine it is getting pretty hot under load, not checked.

Anyway not overly bothered but as I have to pop into PCworld ( yes I know over priced etc... something for my wife and she will only let me buy stuff from "reputable retailers" she won't let me touch her laptop either hardware or software) they have a AK-827-BL Akasa for under £15, the question then is : Is it worth buying this, will it reduce my core temp over the factory amd hsf. What I am asking is am I wasting money buying this should I just leave the factory hsf in?

As I said not really an issue but if I can improve performance for under £15 and I am going to be in the shop anyway is it worth it?

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  1. Unless it's throttling under load, a hot CPU won't lose you any performance. If it helps your peace of mind, or you plan on overclocking, then yes it will make a difference.
  2. Not throttling but I have been toying with the idea of overclocking 'cos my system is bottle necking pushing it when gaming and the bottle neck is caused by the cpu (GTA being the main culprit).
    This is the best CPU I can get for my Mobo and if I can spend a little money on a new cooling solution i.e. <£15 that will improve the ability to ramp the voltage and maybe improve performance 10-20 % then I will.
    The question remains is it worth buying this specific cooler?
  3. I would imagine it to be an improvement, but being a very similar design, I can't say how much. I'm struggling to find any decent reviews...
  4. Found a review of the 873 which looks pretty similar.


    Looks like pretty good cooling, but at the expense of noise.
  5. That is the problem I am having I can't find any reviews to state if it is any better or any good at all. I suspect it will be better probably marginally for this amount of money but enough to justify the outlay. I know we are talking about peanuts here but it is the principle.

    Thanks for the recommendation but it really was a "while I am in the shop kind of question". This is possibly the most researched impulse buy ever. It just occurred this morning in work. I was sat here thinking that I had to go into pc world on the way home and I thought I will have a look if they have got a cheap cpu cooler that I can get while I am in there. I had a look and then tried to find reviews on the net to no avail so I started the thread to see if anyone in the forums might know.

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