BIOS won't boot after disabling Option ROM


I was installing a PCI card in a desktop and had some problems. I went into BIOS and disabled Option ROM Scan on all PCI ports except the one where I had installed a new card. Now I have taken the card out but the computer won't even boot into BIOS. The fan starts and then there are 3 beeps. The screen shows nothing and both the mouse and keyboard seem to be dead.

The screen is connected to one of the affected ports and there is no screen connector on the motherboard itself. I don't know if that is important.

What should I do? I think that the next thing to try would be to reset the BIOS. But I would like to avoid that, because the computer is connected to a lot of microscope equipment, and I don't know if all of it will work with a default BIOS.

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  1. dont wanna reset bios? but want to change a setting although you cant start the computer? i think there is no other option but to reset physically by taking out the CMOS chip and re-seat it after a few mins. :)
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