How to apply update for JMicron RAID controller?

As a possible solution to eSATA drive errors on my Vista 64 machine, I'm trying to update the driver for the JMicron RAID controller (JMB36X; installed driver; current available is 1.17.63). Windows claims the driver is up to date, but it doesn't appear to be and online discussions of others with my problem focuses on the controller and the driver. Most discussion ended over a year ago; the new driver has a date of 6.2011 and seems worth a try. Instructions from jmicron are slim, to say the least. Apart from the files themselves, this is it:

To create a pre-install disk for 64-bit WinXP/Win2003/Vista, please copy all files in the floppy64 folder to the root directory of a floppy disk.

The total package consists of 56 files in 9 folders, 12mb.

Downloaded from

Floppy? I assume that means any bootable device?

Could someone please explain what I need to do to update the driver?
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    you need there flash utility.

    here is a link to 98 dos boot files, use this with teh HP flash utility on a USB drive and it will load dos. this allows you to run everything from spinrite, to mem86 to this update software

    disreguard everything above that line, i misread thinking you were updating your cards firmware.

    for driver you open device manager, go to the device, properties, update driver, select driver for this device, have disk, select the type of device you are updating on, then point the program to the directory of your driver. in this case it would be driver/amd64 and tell it to install. it may display many versions of your card in this driver so make sure you know teh exact model of your card before you select one on teh have disk screen. then your done.
  2. OK. One of my mistakes was forgetting about that way when Windows said 'no need.'

    Thanks much.

    Windows let me choose the driver folder but nothing more specific. Update supposedly completed short of reboot to come soon...
    Rebooted. Update has stuck and so far seems not to have fixed the eSATA errors. Fingers very crossed.
    Errors still occur when eSATA large copy is attempted (and fails) and thereafter.
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