Yours thoughts please


Im looking for a case around the £55 figure!

Id like

1) Good cable management
2) Good air flow
3) Fits a ATI 5870 X2 which is at 11" i beleive ( WITH SPARE SPACE )
4) Has 3/4 Fans
5) I dont want MOD anything ( too lazy )

Hope you guys can help...

If you have the above then can you post some PIC so i can look and name your case.
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More about yours thoughts please
  1. The 5870X2 is a 5970 and is nearer 12" than 11".

    You'll struggle to find a case at £55 of that size I would think.

    Not sure what the 902 retails for, but that looks to tick all your boxes.
  2. You might be asking for a bit to much with your budget...

    You are going to need a verry large case as the 5970 alone is 309mm (about 12.5") long.
    I would recommend a Coolermaster HAF 932 or Antec 1200, both of which are above your current budget.
  3. Your requirements are of a full tower and your budget is not up there! Only thing i can say is that CM690. But that wont fit your total expectations!
  4. I Can stretch to £90, I was just hoping there was a cheap decent case :)

    Maybe that will increase my chances of getting a case that fits my needs?
  5. The Coolermaster HAF 922 can be had for £88.88 inc VAT and would be my recommendation.
  6. Thanks so much
  7. You may get HAF932 at 100 GBP! I think although not sure!
  8. What about this? Anyone have experience with this?
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