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Thanks in advance for anyone taking time to respond. I have recently blown up a psu (its listed in the cpu and parts forum) and purchased a new ocz 100watt zx series. Everything was fine however, I noticed slight stuttering when playing the game Skyrim..sometimes heavy framrate drops. I was wondering if the voltage I used on the old blown up psu for my oc would need to be modified for a new psu and could this be the cause of the framerate drop...being not enough votage? Basically, I found that playing battlefield with the new psu has alleviated the major stutters I would see while turning quickly or flying. I can oonly guess that this is because my cards need a little extra juice for those graphical scenarios, and they now have the juice. Any feedback would be apreciated. Also, I have a bottom mounted psu. Should I put the pse upside down with the fan in the case? I originally had it right side up with the psu fan on the bottom as I have a little air flow grill but its way to small for the 140mm fan. So I switched it. Thanks again in advance.

My specs are:

2600k Oc'd to 4.6 (voltage to 1.38)
z68x-ud3h-b3 gigabyte mobo
16 gig corsair vengeance @ 1600 (extreme setting in mobo)
sli 560ti (1) msi twin frozr (card 1) and (1) Zotac (card 2) (both 1 gig vram)
hitachi 7200 rpm sata 1.5 tb
1000Watt psu (ocz zx series)
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  1. Fan needs to face upwards (I found that out the hard way before) and your new PSU has more than enough power to handle the overclocked 2600K
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