Nvidia GTX 280 Immediate Help needed with this issue!!!!

Hi, I have a Dell XPS 700 that came with a 1000-Watt power supply. On the 12-Volt Rail it produces 18amps. I bought a GTX 280 that requires 42amps minimum. Now as many of you know that GTX 280 requires an one 8-pin connector and one 6-pin connector. In my computer there are four 6-pin cables. Luckly the card comes with a converter now this is very important, I connected one 6-pin directly to the card then I connected the 8-pin converter (8-pin side) to the card the other end of the converter cable takes two 6-pin cables. So this is how the setup is now there are three cables connected to the card one 6-pin directly connected to the card and two 6-pin connected to the 6-->8-pin converter cable and then the 8-pin into the card. So what is the total Amps I am feeding the card is it 36amps(18+18) of 54amps(18+18+18). My reason for asking is because my card keeps turning off by it self a red light appears and the monitor does not get any signal. And it can happen any moment sometime just after startup or some time after runing for hours or even a day or so, its very frustrating any help would be greatly appriciated I am anciously waiting for replies from the gurus.
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  1. mayu said:
    So what is the total Amps I am feeding the card

    You don't feed the card, it feeds itself by drawing the power it needs to operate, which is about 15 amps. The power will be drawn thru both external connectors and the pcie slot, meaning 2 or more of the 18 amp rails will supply the power.
    Make sure the card and power connectors are fully seated
  2. Thanks for your reply. I actually called BFG Customer service and my card needs minimum 42amps and my computer is providing (18*3) = 54amps to power the card. So far after he went through different checks it looks like the 6-->8-pin converter cable is the problem because I slightly jiggled the card but it did noy turn off then the 6-pin connector and it did not turn off but as soon as i touched the 6-->8 pin cable plug that goes into the card the card went off and it happened three times. So BFG is sending a new cable free of charge and he said if this works than its good, and if I still have the same issue they will replace the card with a new GTX 275 I guess cause they don't make GTX 280 anymore. I just hope now its just the cable not the card.
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    Once again, the card does not need 42 amps, and no, your psu is not going to provide 54 amps of power to it.
    Each 6 pin connector is rated for 7.25 amps as is the PCIE slot, the most that could be provided would be 300 watts or 25 amps.
    Actual power consumption here;

    It's quite possible that it's the adapter causing the problem, hopefully the adapter BFG send's will fix the issue, although getting a 275 wouldn't be a bad thing.
  4. Delluser1, I wanted to ask you from where you are getting the information about the 6-pin providing 7.25amps. You see on my PSU it states that 12volt rail produces 18.0A each. Its like 12VA, 12VB 12VC and 12VD, its written on the side of the PSU. Please dont think I am being rude or anything like that I just want to know, to be honest its very confusing.

    If you go down this page and check out the DC Power connector P3, P4, P15 and P16 for graphic card it states that these 12 Volt produce 18.0A. Please do let me know I would definately like that cleared. Atleast you are taking interest in this matter I am very thankful for that. And one more thing is GTX 275 better tha GTX 280?
  5. And another thing your name is Delluser1, what dell computer you use yourself? :)
  6. 6pinpower explained
    Facts about 12v rails

    The 275 can perform as well as the 280, using less power (2x6 pin) and giving off less heat.
  7. mayu said:
    And another thing your name is Delluser1, what dell computer you use yourself? :)

    Not a Dell
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