I7 2600k 4.5Ghz Overclock voltage for my rig?

Right now my clock is running at 4.5Ghz which is stable. However, It's receiving 1.4volts when it runs @ 4.5Ghz under turbo. My question is there a lower voltage that I can use? (I want to make the cpu last long as possible).

Power Supply Wattage: 850
CPU Cooling Method: Liquid Cooling
Overclocking on motherboard: P8Z68-V LE Atx board
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  1. Nobody can tell you that, every processor is different. What you need to do is repeatedly lower the voltage and stress test your rig, 8 hours in Prime95 is sufficient. Once you start getting errors start working your way back up one step at a time until you no longer get errors. You have now found your minimum stable voltage.
  2. ^ This.

    You should not run your CPU at 1.4v. It will cause the CPU to degrade quickly due to electromigration. Keep it at 1.38v and below to make sure it lasts.

    My 2600K runs at 4.5Ghz with Hyperthreading on at 1.32v.
  3. Lower your vcore to 1.3 volts and start testing upwards from there, increasing by 0.05 each time or a similar amount
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