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I got ASUS P7P55D-E PRO, in bios settings there's one named "OC tuner" and the options are:
-good performance
-better performance
-turbo profile

I tried change to each of them but notice nothing, can anyone tell me what it does?
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    It should be an auto OC feature, so selecting each one should provide a "auto overclock" of your CPU.

    I would run each on again and pull up CPU-Z to see if your clock speed has changed. You should see a little increase with each one. The OC might not be big enough between all three for you to notice a difference or the upgrade was so great you can't see the little difference.
  2. Yes yes.. I notice nothing with those monitor softwares

    Can any experience or expert shed some light please.
  3. Too bad got no specialist in Asus section here.

    Anyway thanks for your time to reply, tecmo34.
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